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Easy Redmine 10

This short video tutorial shows the basic features of Easy Remine 10, which comes with key features, such as Gantt Chart and Time Tracking. Easy Remine 10 has a responsive mobile design and easily extensible with plugins for Resources, Finances, Agile management and others. 

Agile Board video tutorial

This short video tutorial shows the basic features of Easy Redmine Agile Board and how to use it for your projects. Backlogs, sprints, swimlanes, burndown charts, settings and personal page modules.

Gantt Chart on project level

Learn how to work with Project Gantt Chart in Easy Redmine 2017. With Gantt Chart you can easily manipulate with your project tasks, schedule them using drag & drop, create new tasks & milestones.

Work Breakdown Structure

In this tutorial you will learn how work with the Work Breakdown Structure. WBS Plugin visualizes projects, issues and sub-issues in mind map.

Global Gantt

Try Global Gantt for an overview across all projects. Easily manage your project portfolio and adjust project timing and duration using drag & drop. Learn more in this short video tutorial. 

Time tracking

Easy Redmine allows you to track time spent on tasks and projects in several ways, including stopwatches and manual input of time on tasks. 

Resource management plugin

Learn how to easily plan the tasks, assign them to the users and manage users' workload. 

Payroll and Invoicing sheets (budget sheets)

Learn about Easy Redmine Payroll and Invocing sheets plugin. This video tutorial shows how to get time sheets multiplied by hourly rates for professional financial reporting.

Project Budgets in Easy Redmine

Learn the basics of Easy Redmine Project Budgets plugin. This video tutorial shows you project budgets and cash-flow, project price calculations and quotations, budget sheets and personal finances.

How to visualize data using graphs and charts?

Change output format of your data from list to chart or graph and visualize your data! Graphic format gives You better overview and control.

Watch and learn short video tutorial.

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